Grow Smart Planet is led by Michael Burrill, AICP, Community and Transportation Planner.

  • Member, American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP); Architect Emeritus, Maryland.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Smart Growth and sustainable design concepts
  • Ability to help clients define goals, project scopes, and estimate costs before design begins
  • Ability to help communities seek consensus on transportation modes, routes, and estimate costs
  • Award-winning public speaker/author
Mr. Burrill graduated from Punahou School, Princeton University (B. Arts), Washington University in St. Louis (Master of Architecture), the University of Cincinnati (Master of Community Planning/Historic Preservation Certificate), and three Defense Department management programs.
Multi-discipline experience in architecture, interior design, facility planning and management, housing design and site planning, campus planning, community planning, transportation planning and capital budgeting for the U. S. Air Force, two land planning firms, the Universities of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, Greyhound Corporation, Parsons Corporation, his own firm Urban Visions, and nonprofit groups. He has developed site plans and master plans for about 25,000 homes on military bases and in private-sector planned communities. He developed master plans for more than 45 Air Force bases worldwide with capital programs up to $8 billion. He estimated costs for a $1.2 billion deployment that helped convince Russia to sign a treaty to reduce the inventory of nuclear weapons. His design concept for a high-speed bi-level intercity passenger train was forwarded to railroads and manufacturers worldwide in 1984. As a Senior Planner for the University of Cincinnati, he prepared capital budgets, design guidance for electronic classrooms and sustainability, and reviewed designs. As a graduate student and planner with Urban Visions, he prepared multi-mode transportation master plans and slides illustrating mode choices for the Cincinnati region. For Parsons, he developed facility upgrade plans and cost estimates for Air Force dorms worldwide, U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) land ports, and CBP space at major airports. For Greyhound, he prepared reports for senior managers with recommendations to upgrade Greyhound buses, terminals, and service nationwide.